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    See Why Your pH is Critical for Your Health

    These days, eating your vegetables is a no-brainer. A healthy diet gets you halfway to a healthy body, and then you run, bike, or swim the rest of the way…right? In fact, total body health goes much deeper than eating your veggies and exercising. Everything you put into your mouth has an effect on your body’s chemical makeup. More specifically, what you eat can change your body’s acidity. And that can change your health. What is proper pH? What is pH? Buckle up for some chemistry! I promise it won’t hurt. pH is a scientific way to measure the acidity of a substance. In the strictest, most brainy definition of…

  • 2018 Nutrition Breakthroughs
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    6 Health Hacks Known Only to Those Living in 2018

    The year 2018 brings advancements in health and nutrition not seen elsewhere in history. 1. 2018 Advancements in Health Trackers You have seen wrist band type health trackers like the fibit. But I bet you don’t have health tracking shorts! In 2018 we are seeing practical uses of WBAN’s (wireless body area networks). These are low energy sensors connected to patients that allow for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring as well as bio feedback and assisted living Fibit’s – so far this seems to be the leader in wearable health trackers. The runner up is Garmin.  Motiv Ring – an interesting twist on health scanners. This ring has fair reviews…

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    What is Cacao? – What is Cocoa?

    Have you heard of this great stuff called chocolate? Sure you have: Americans eat 2.8 Billion pounds of it per year! You’re also probably aware that chocolate isn’t great for you. It’s a high-calorie food stuffed with sugar. But what if I told you that chocolate could actually be good for you? Welcome to the wonderful world of cacao!   What is Cacao? Cacao is the word ascribed to the minimally processed bean (seed) that is harvested from the Theobroma cacao tree. It’s a tree (Theobroma cacao tree) and if you think that is surprising those cocoa “beans” your imagining are not beans…they are seeds. The cacao tree bears fruit…

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    What is Quinoa?

    What is Quinoa? You’ve heard about it on TV. Maybe you’ve seen it in your health-food store. The health benefits of quinoa are legendary, even though it only became a staple of mainstream cuisine around 2008. But what is quinoa? And, more importantly, how do you say it? What is Quinoa? Quinoa is most often pronounced KEEN-wah. It’s an ancient Peruvian superfood that humans have been eating for at least 5,000 years! The edible part of the quinoa plant, the part served steaming hot in good restaurants, is the seed. These tiny little dots usually have to be harvested by hand and thoroughly processed. As you can imagine, that’s pretty…

  • Nutrition Facts of Asparagus
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    Asparagus Benefits with Bacon!

    Sometimes you come across foods that are packed with secret benefits – often overlooked. Today I bring to you one of those treats. Asparagus! It’s small, green, and looks a little tree-like. But do you know why this little vegetable is so important? What are the Benefits of Asparagus? Powerful Source of Vitamin K Anti-inflammatory A Natural Diuretic. Helps with Digestion High in Fiber High in Vitamin B1 Helps Fight Cancer Contains Antioxidants   Asparagus contains vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B-6, B-12, thiamin (vitamin B-1), riboflavin, niacin (vitamin B-3), and folate. It also contains the minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, and fluoride.…

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    Why it’s Hard to Eat Good and How You Fix It

    Problem: Eating bad foods causes weight gain, visceral fat, and life shortening health problems. The habit of eating “bad” is not your fault – high sugar and high carb foods are a staple of the western diet. Supermarkets are often a mine field of unhealthy foods. This post will show you how to eat clean. Good News: Although you may not be responsible for the problem. You are responsible for your own “recovery”. The simple and easy steps below will allow you to coast into the benefits and fun of living with a lean body. Challenge: Eating clean healthy food is hard even when its something I really want to…

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    5 Easy After Workout Recovery Meals

    What do you do after a work out? I will usually remember a little whey protein, but I don’t often eat. Bottom Line: After a workout it is important to refill energy stores (glycogen), stop protein breakdown, and repair muscle (aid protein synthesis). The sweet spot regarding time is the first 60 minutes after a workout for best absorption. Note: If your body is in a mild form of ketosis – and you know who you are. You would have to add fatty foods and skip the sweet potatoes. Don’t worry, your abs will thank you latter!   Halibut + Broccoli Halibut Nutrition Facts; 100-gram serving of halibut contains 140…

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    Nutritional Yeast Facts

    I have noticed a trend of people looking for information about Nutritional Yeast. So, I complied some interesting Nutritional Yeast Facts for you. Enjoy! Bottom Line – The more I study this topic the more I conclude nutritional yeast is an excellent way to boost your supplementation of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Note; our “everyday” foods have had about a 40% decrease in nutrient content in the last 50 years. Supplementation is now necessary for you to get what your body needs for optimum health. (source) Why is Nutritional Yeast Good for You? Nutritional yeast is considered a “complete protein” it contains 18 essential amino acids that the body can’t…

  • studying sugar
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    What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Sugar?

    What Happens When You Quit Sugar? Your risk of contracting about 70 health disorders will begin to plummet. Your brain will sharpen. You will soon crave less sugar. You will begin to lose weight. Here’s the bad news… you will (for a short time) experience signs of withdrawal similar to someone who is coming off drugs or alcohol (yikes). We all know of people that suffer from alcohol addiction. Although a person is sometimes pre disposed to this sickness the trap usually gets its start like this… A person takes a drink and at once feelings of fear, insecurity and discontent are quieted. The brain being the awesome thing that it…

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    100 Benefits of Fish Oil – You May Not Know

    100 Fish Oil Facts What is Fish Oil? Simply oil derived from the tissue of certain cold-water ocean fish. Fish Oil Benefits are real. Fish oil contains essential fatty acids that the body cannot make on its own. Thus we need to ingest them by eating fish or supplementing with fish oil. Sound fishy? Let’s demystify a few things we have been hearing about. Omega-3 fatty acids (I’ll spare you scientific words that I can’t pronounce)… are polyunsaturated fats. The main 3 Omega 3’s are ALA a-linolenic acid (found in plant oils) EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) EPA and DHA are found in fish oils. 100 Benefits of Fish Oil From A-Z Acne – Ben Bazor from acne revolution.com greatly…