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Tap on the Hidden Powers of Encouragement

The power of a little encouragement can change a person’s life. According to the Holy Bible, encouragement is necessary in our journey of faith. Without encouragement and motivation, we would feel alone in the world and in our efforts. Life can be really tough and it is important to be surrounded with loving and caring people to build us, support us forward, and pave the way. Without it, we will feel futile. Encouragement strengthens our souls. It keeps people bound to one another and teaches us to keep moving despite trials and tribulations. People who are supremely confident also require the power of motivation to move ahead.

A nod, a smile, a quiet word of support – are all appreciated from time to time. They can also introduce humor and enhance our perspective. Support not only lifts our spirits, but also motivates us to carry on and surmount obstacles and stress. Here are some of the people in our life who bring us encouragement:


Teachers and Mentors

They know us well and what we are capable of achieving. These people give us the much-required push and appreciate times when we are in dire need for a break. We respect mentors because they are successful and achievers in their field. They offer the vital support we need from time to time. Teachers are respected as they share their knowledge with us and educate us. They are the ones who tell us when to take the next step; in them we entrust our faith because in our heart of hearts, we know they can never mean harm for us.



They provide us with the support that is necessary for us to perform well in the work environment. Good supervisors appreciate our successes and accomplishments. If we do better, it will reflect on them and will be their achievement. These individuals motivate us and keep stretching our limits, thus encouraging us to achieve more. By setting challenges, they enhance our skill sets and competence levels. This helps build confidence and belief in ourselves.


Partners and Family

These groups of people provide positive and non-educational encouragement. They are the supporting structures behind us and help us wade through tough situations with confidence. They provide a sympathetic ear although their support comes from love, care and attention. Their support is vital as it motivates us to try harder and feel secure and loved. Some of us try to impress them by achieving worthy feats. This is especially true for kids, for whom the encouragement and motivation provided by their parents is of paramount importance.

The same can be true for adults who can succeed by dint of the confidence and encouragement provided to them by their children or partner. Parents can feel motivated to achieve more and cope better without tension and stress intercepting their way. Encouragement from important people provides us with a sense of security and wellbeing. This inspires us to move ahead in life with fearlessness and confidence. The benefits of encouragement outweigh the effects of criticism.


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