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Hope – Re-framing of Mind can provide Light in the Tunnel

Hope reframes the negative situation

Hope brings in a ray of light in our life. At times, when life seems a little disappointing, it is important to overcome the heartbreak and the profound sense of loss. Instead of getting sucked into this terrible whirlpool, why not give hope a chance? This is when we need to reframe the negative situation and think of the positive, focus on it and start practicing it. With a positive focus, we can achieve our goals and overcome adversity. This helps us realize our fullest potential, but not without avoiding negative comments and thoughts.

Positive thinking gives you the ability to feel negative when you need to and still maintain enough of hope to move ahead. One school of thought propagates the power of turning negative thoughts into positive and to avoid thinking of negative things. The beginning of a better life is all about understanding what it means to be human and accepting the way we are, instead of trying to modify ourselves like others would have.

What is Optimism All About?

The word ‘optimism’ is derived from the Latin word ‘optimus’ which means ‘best’. This describes the fact that an optimistic individual is always looking for the best in any situation, expecting good things to take place. Even when something bad happens, such as the loss of a job, the optimist sees the silver lining. You can, for instance, consider self-employment upon getting laid. Positive psychology evaluates the beneficial effect of optimism on an individual’s mental health. Optimism is good for your physical health as well. Studies have shown that optimists are less sick and live longer.

Positive outlook strengthens

A positive outlook strengthens the immune system of the body and fights illnesses, improves your cardiovascular system and improves our ability to deal with stress. The corner stone of positive thinking is to accept reality. With true positive thinking, you learn to accept reality. Define what you are dealing with. Here are some important benefits of having a positive attitude:

  • Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences
  • They help you achieve a lot more than what is possible with pessimism
  • The thoughts reflect the tendency to expect the best

Ability to believe in your abilities

Positive thinking enhances your ability to cope with stress and immunity. It also affects your overall wellbeing. Some researchers have even suggested that positive people can lead healthier lifestyles. They are able to improve their health by coping better with stress and averting unhealthy behaviors.

Psychologists suggest that positive thinking dwells on your ability to believe in your abilities, taking a positive outlook to challenges, and trying to optimize negative situations. You might at times feel disappointed with the thoughts or actions of others, but that does not imply that the world is against you.

Realistic proposition

Positive thinkers look at a situation with a realistic proposition, look for ways of improving the situation and are keen to learn from their failures. They accept the reality that lies before them, while never losing hope for tomorrow. This is the hope that keeps us going to finally attain that coveted aspiration.

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