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Why it’s Hard to Eat Good and How You Fix It

Problem: Eating bad foods causes weight gain, visceral fat, and life shortening health problems.

The habit of eating “bad” is not your fault – high sugar and high carb foods are a staple of the western diet. Supermarkets are often a mine field of unhealthy foods. This post will show you how to eat clean.

Good News: Although you may not be responsible for the problem. You are responsible for your own “recovery”. The simple and easy steps below will allow you to coast into the benefits and fun of living with a lean body.

Challenge: Eating clean healthy food is hard even when its something I really want to do. I am so bad at eating healthy because I always crave a sugary treat, that is exactly why I have switched to a protein muffin instead of eating a sugary muffin because I don’t want to completely eliminate muffins from my diet – they are my guilty pleasure! Instead I have chosen an alternative which always satisfies my cravings. Developing habits is important and always remember that it is practice not perfect…

Bottom Line: The answer is to adopt a new way. Practice it over a short period of time (30 days) then simply coast – carried by the momentum of the new habit.

“Begin with the end in mind” [1] your mind is designed to protect you from the pain of failure. You will need to take the first step “as if it were impossible to fail” [2] (1. Steven Covey 2. Dorothea Brande)


Cheesecake Eating Rats…

Do you find that although you want to eat right you often don’t? Me too, let us put aside all the guilt and shame associated with this and take a peek at some of the reasons for this.

Fifty years of research done by Princeton professor Bartley Hoebel on the study of food and drug rewards in the mind clearly (to me) shows that sugar is addictive.

Johnson and Kenny published a study involving cheesecake eating rats. The first notable effect of the rats given a diet of high sugar/high carb “cafeteria” like foods was a disruption of sensitivity to brain-stimulation reward (BSR).

Unhealthy foods can make us obese which then requires more food to support the added mass.

The brain experiences a reward sensation from eating sweets. Brain chemistry undergoes changes comparable to that of a drug user.

We then experience cravings for more reward. This is noticeable to us yet insidious. I think “why am I craving this” “I’m trying to eat clean”.

Then vicious cycles of (what we perceive to be) failure, guilt, and shame take shape and feed off of each other.

eating clean

How Can I Change?

“I have tried many times before!” This time you – “trying” will not be necessary (nor helpful). It has been said that the mind attracts that which it is focused upon.

If we begin with the thought of past failures the subconscious will go to work at once to sabotage us before we begin.

Why should the mind let us re-live pain and rejection – it is just doing its job when it tries to protect you from that.

Thus, you will begin “as if it were impossible to fail” -Dorothea Brande

fish and veggies

1. Write it Down on Paper – Right Now

That’s correct right now. When you read this. Think for a moment of a goal regarding your health. “I will have a six pack by (date). Or “I will lose x number of pounds”.

There is a magic behind (I don’t believe in magic) what I am saying. That is…research and countless case studies.

When you write down a goal (on paper) and put a deadline next to it your sub conscious and super conscious mind will go to work immediately in filling in the picture. You will instantly begin moving closer to what you want.

Simply think of a health goal and a deadline and write it down on paper, scrap paper, whatever. Then put it in your pocket. (Goals sources [1][2][3])

2. Buy Tupperware

  • 4 small square plastic Tupperware containers are less than $3. You will want to have about 10 containers for meal prep and convenience. Travel, work, etc.
  • One of the corner stones of our new habit will be preparing meals on a certain day of the week. Having ample Tupperware will allow you to plan meals for a full week or three days at a time.

3. Prepare a Grocery List

  • On a certain day of the week. Choose one now. Fri, Sat, Sun? Choose a day to prepare a grocery list.
  • This isn’t going to be another laborious challenge to purchase expensive hard to find foods. If you want rules here they are. Nothing white. (period)
  • No white sugar, no white flour.
  • Have fun with your list. Proteins, greens, fats, nuts. Fish, chicken, vegetables, nuts.
  • It’s that simple. The liberal eating options are part of a bigger picture. Chips, pastry, etc. are almost always made up of high amounts of white flour and sugar so we won’t get those.

eggs and avocado

4. Go Shopping!

We will need Tupperware or similar containers – perhaps 10 small containers and two large containers for meal prep.

Chicken, fish, lean beef, ground turkey, deli meat, frozen veggies of all sorts, nuts, snacks with no white sugar and no white flour.

5. Prepare Meals

  • Cook your corner stone. Whether it’s a whole bunch of grilled chicken breast or fish or lean beef.
  • Prepare your side dishes. Veggies, beans, lentils, mixes.

6. Store Your Meals

  • Prepare and put in containers – meals and snacks for 3-6 days

7. TXT Yourself!

At the end of each day TXT yourself a summary of what you ate. Example: compose a message on your cell phone to your cell number. “today I had eggs for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner, healthy snacks, a messed up and had a sugary fruit drink at the office meeting”


Key Takeaway:

1. Write down your goal

2. Buy Tupperware or similar storage

3. Make a grocery list (on a certain day of the week)

4. Go shopping (on a certain day each week)

5. Prepare Meals for the week

6. Store your meals

7. TXT Yourself at the end of the day

Note: things happen, you can change the deadline for your goal if you need more time, that’s okay.

The only food rules are no white sugar or white flour. There will be trace amounts here and there that’s okay.

The hidden agenda at work for you here is that after 3 to 4 weeks you will have instituted a new habit. New habits are hard to make but easy to live with. This is easy to make and easier to live with.

You will have a new framework with which to can then customize. Whether your goals are body re composition, weight loss, or muscle gain.

What would you like to add? Comment below.


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