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    Happiness Takes Effort!

    Are you someone who has found happiness or is anxiety taking a toll on you? It is important to stay happy without bringing unhappiness to anyone around you. If you want to find happiness, it is important to understand that it is something that is possible and that you ought to be happy. The basic fact is that happiness, like any other virtue in life, needs to be nurtured. Here are some guidelines to follow:   Accept Your True Emotion It is important to know that some people spend more energy on avoiding emotions than the rest. Therefore, you should give your mind the unconditional permission of experiencing your feelings.…

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    Tap on the Hidden Powers of Encouragement

    The power of a little encouragement can change a person’s life. According to the Holy Bible, encouragement is necessary in our journey of faith. Without encouragement and motivation, we would feel alone in the world and in our efforts. Life can be really tough and it is important to be surrounded with loving and caring people to build us, support us forward, and pave the way. Without it, we will feel futile. Encouragement strengthens our souls. It keeps people bound to one another and teaches us to keep moving despite trials and tribulations. People who are supremely confident also require the power of motivation to move ahead. A nod, a…

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    How To Be Happy

    16.2 million people in the U.S experience severe depression annually. The number is growing. Anxiety and anti depressive medication is being sold at an all time high. A few things to note for those that may be hurting as they read this. You are not alone. You are not worthless. Everyone hurts…some of the time. Are you the first person to feel this horrible anguish? Are you the only person that feels    or has felt    this way? Is there a chance, however small…that you may look back on this time and smile. Is there a chance, however small…that your best days are ahead of you? There is a…