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    Cut Sugar and Carb Today!

    If you’ve been on a yo yo diet and restricting calories for a while. Maybe you should consider stop worrying about calories and eat to satiety. Let your body detox and working out a new hormonal balance. If you can, take this chance to eliminate Dairy (some are sensitive to it and will complicates the body’s fat burning ability). Try not to be obsessed with weighing yourself Everyday. Waist measurement is more accurate than merely weight. Start by cutting SUGAR and CARB bit by bit. Take a day at a time. Don’t feel guilty if you succumbed to sweet treats. Start again the next day. Build healthy eating into your…

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    Can Omega 3 fish oil treat my high cholesterol?

    The benefits of taking omega 3 fish oil are well researched and documented.  While fish oil can HELP to maintain normal cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood pressure levels, it is not meant to TREAT high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure problems ON ITS OWN.  It is certainly NOT meant to replace medications or healthy lifestyle practices, like healthy diet and exercise. In other words, if you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure problems, you should not be using fish oil on its own to treat these problems. You will require lifestyle modifications (healthy diet and exercise) and probably medications as well. Fish oil is added to prevent…

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    Food and supplements for lifting depressions

    Beyond eating just a bit of comfort food after a long day, what we choose to eat can have a real impact on our physical and mental state. The health benefits of a healthy diet can help to keep the mind healthy. Similarly if your body is not feeling well it can drag your mind down. We have all had bad days. Sometimes it is just life stress, but other times your body may just be dragging because it is missing vital vitamins and nutrients. However, you may require additional treatments like cannabis use. If you are considering growing your own cannabis, it would be wise to read this marijuana…

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    Lose Weight : 80/20 Rule of losing weight

    LOSE WEIGHT Wondering why you are not losing the weight you expected, especially if you consume the same amount or type of food everyday (worse on weekend)? To lose weight is not that difficult. Here is the secret…Besides proper diet and supplements, Exercise makes a difference in your life. It’s the 80/20 rule. 80% is what you eat and 20% is by doing simple physical exercise (walk, jog, skip, yoga, aerobic) twice a week. Exercise early in the week for less than 30 mins will have after-burner effect which will last you the entire week. That 20% may just be the thing that makes all the difference. Check out the…

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    Happiness Takes Effort!

    Are you someone who has found happiness or is anxiety taking a toll on you? It is important to stay happy without bringing unhappiness to anyone around you. If you want to find happiness, it is important to understand that it is something that is possible and that you ought to be happy. The basic fact is that happiness, like any other virtue in life, needs to be nurtured. Here are some guidelines to follow:   Accept Your True Emotion It is important to know that some people spend more energy on avoiding emotions than the rest. Therefore, you should give your mind the unconditional permission of experiencing your feelings.…

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    Tap on the Hidden Powers of Encouragement

    The power of a little encouragement can change a person’s life. According to the Holy Bible, encouragement is necessary in our journey of faith. Without encouragement and motivation, we would feel alone in the world and in our efforts. Life can be really tough and it is important to be surrounded with loving and caring people to build us, support us forward, and pave the way. Without it, we will feel futile. Encouragement strengthens our souls. It keeps people bound to one another and teaches us to keep moving despite trials and tribulations. People who are supremely confident also require the power of motivation to move ahead. A nod, a…

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    Hope – Re-framing of Mind can provide Light in the Tunnel

    Hope reframes the negative situation Hope brings in a ray of light in our life. At times, when life seems a little disappointing, it is important to overcome the heartbreak and the profound sense of loss. Instead of getting sucked into this terrible whirlpool, why not give hope a chance? This is when we need to reframe the negative situation and think of the positive, focus on it and start practicing it. With a positive focus, we can achieve our goals and overcome adversity. This helps us realize our fullest potential, but not without avoiding negative comments and thoughts. Positive thinking gives you the ability to feel negative when you…

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    Supplements for Runners: From Training to Recovery

    The goal of exercise is to break the body down. Yes, you read that correctly. Looking back at our evolutionary biological roots, when we put our bodies through difficult situations, we wanted them to adapt–maybe to go for longer without food, maybe so we could detect a smell that told us certain berries were poisonous, maybe to jump higher to reach fruit in a tree. Whatever the goal, we always had to fall short the first few attempts. Adaptation took failure, centuries of bodily breakdowns (and lucky DNA mutations) before our primordial ancestors developed the physical tools they needed to survive. When we exercise, this happens on a much shorter…

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    Common Chronic Diseases for Busy People

    COMMON CHRONIC DISEASES The common chronic diseases are: • Asthma​ • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)​​ • ​Diabetes • Hypertension/High Blood Pressure​​​ • High blood cholesterol (Lipid disorders) • Stroke​ More noteworthy, lifestyle risk such as unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and smoking can contribute to the chronic diseases.   STOP SMOKING Moreover, major dangerous Lifestyle habit like Smoking causes gastritis, acid re-flux and and dramatically increases your chances of getting: – Colon Cancer by up to 4 times – Pancreatic cancer by up to 4 times – Coronary heart disease by up to 4 times – Stroke by up to 4 times – Lung cancer by up to 25 times   DRINK WATER REGULARLY…

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    Lifestyle and diet change is necessary for gout sufferer

    WHAT IS GOUT? Gout is a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the body. The symptoms of gout are due to the formation of uric acid crystals cause severe pain, redness and swelling in the joints and the buildup is due to the foods we eat. You can read more about the causes of Gout here. SUPPLEMENTS FOR GOUT Nutritional supplements for gout: – Detox with digestive enzymes (take after 2 big meals esp lunch and dinner) – Fiber Powder(1 round scoop to 240 ml of water) – take plenty of water(at least 8 cups per day) – consider learning and using TLS 7 days detox menu…