2018 Nutrition Breakthroughs
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6 Health Hacks Known Only to Those Living in 2018

The year 2018 brings advancements in health and nutrition not seen elsewhere in history.

1. 2018 Advancements in Health Trackers

You have seen wrist band type health trackers like the fibit. But I bet you don’t have health tracking shorts!

In 2018 we are seeing practical uses of WBAN’s (wireless body area networks). These are low energy sensors connected to patients that allow for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring as well as bio feedback and assisted living

Fibit’s – so far this seems to be the leader in wearable health trackers. The runner up is Garmin.  Motiv Ring – an interesting twist on health scanners. This ring has fair reviews and monitors sleep and heart rate.

Smart bathroom scales – most of these work in a similar way to larger instore body scanners. They often rely on bioelectrical impedance. This is where a low (safe) electrical current is sent through the body.

This current travels at different speeds through fat, muscle, bone and water which in turn allows for a mind blowing summary of your body composition.

Health Tracker

When I tried an Inbody scanner at a nutrition shop I was surprised to see it weighed my left and right arms and legs. And of course, the not so good news that ___lbs. of my body weight was fat!


Interesting mentions – Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes, JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones (body scanner type headphones), Myontec Mbody connected shorts, Coros smart bicycle helmet.

Photo below of one of my results. One week on Keto diet. Glycogen alone leaving the body tissue resulted in 5 lbs. weight loss.

Body Scan Results

In the U.S more than 98,000 people die each year from hospital mistakes. When you consider that in 2017 over 35 million people were admitted to U.S hospitals this number is somewhat easy to fathom.

As mentioned, hospitals are implementing sensors that allow for patient monitoring and bio feedback. One of these takes the form of the “Wearable Smart Shirt Application

Store Health Sensors – You may have seen a machine you can stand on at some nutrition shops. I tried the Inbody scanner. They can txt the results to you. The store also gives you a print out.

I got a health scan. I tried the Keto diet for 1 week. I didn’t do well but that is okay. The fascinating thing was that I could see I lost 3 lbs. as well as 5 lbs. of “water weight” and muscle mass from glycogen leaving my body tissue.

2. Neuro NutritionHealth Sensors

In 2018 we are hearing more about Neuro Nutrition and its treatment of Alzheimer’s and Autism.

A more granular application of this is now being seen in treating different forms of mental health issues ranging from depression to attention deficit issues.

A person’s symptoms are analyzed then a nutrient regiment is being applied to correct brain chemical deficiency’s and hormone imbalance.

Pharmaceutical companies are looking at issues with neuro transmitter imbalance causing problems with GABA, Serotonin, Glutamate, Norepinephrine, and Dopamine

Watch for terms like Neuro Nutrient Therapy and Amino Acid Therapy


3. 2018 Super Powders

Super Powder and Spices

Never before in history have we been able to get our hands on such a myriad of varied high-quality powders.

I remember taking live source bio available coral calcium that was harvested (safely) from the other side of the world and considering how fortunate I was.

To be able to obtain wheat grass powder grown in the soils of Africa or honey from bee’s that survive harsh winters in Canada – these things could easily be done in years past.

You are probably waiting for me to mention spirulina, turmeric, or collagen?

The above are great but here are a few potent powders you may have not heard much about.

2018 will see a rise in botanical powder supplements (flower power?)…

In the past we have seen flower supplements for skin and hair. But now we are seeing botanical powders for whole body health.

Some botanical benefits

  1. Aids in cardiovascular and neurological health
  2. Improves inflammatory response function
  3. promotes proper cell behavior
  4. enhances antioxidant activity

Some other notable powders that pack a punch…

Bee Pollen Granules Benefits

  1. Supports Liver Health
  2. Immune Booster
  3. Helps Reduce Menopausal Symptoms
  4. Promotes Faster Healing of Skin

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay; used for detoxification, digestion, mudpacks. When mixed with water it expands like a sponge and binds to a vast number of toxins.

I used to use a product called Dragon Cleanse from Quantum Labs I would mix two capsules with water and drink it if I ate something like pie or desert.

Super Powders

Super Powders Continued…

  • Reishi Mushroom Powder
  • Beet Juice Powder
  • Moringa Powder
  • Organic Raw Matcha Green Tea
  • Organic Cacao Powder
  • Wheat Grass (grown in nutrient rich soil)


4. 2018 Rise in the Use of Mushrooms


Reishi Mushroom – this is arguably the most powerful in our list. Anti-cancer, helps with sleep, anxiety, liver, fatigue, inflammation, autoimmune disorders and a host of other things.

Shiitake Mushrooms – boost cardiovascular health, anti-cancer, improve energy levels and brain function, anti-inflammation, and help the immune system function better.

Oyster Mushroom – Anti aging anti-cancer and you can grow them in your own kitchen.

Lion’s Mane – In mice with neurodegenerative diseases, Lion’s Mane caused improvement in both memory and cognitive functions.

Chaga Mushroom – described as an immune boosting superfood. This mushroom also has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It has a history of use in treating ulcers and stomach problems.

5. BioHacking

Bio Hacking

Nutrigenomics – works to identify the cause and effect relationship of nutrients on human health. Measuring the effect of certain nutrients or nutrient plans on human health.

This, as it evolves could view the subject and identify deficiencies or abnormalities and respond to them with a prescribed nutrient regiment.

DIY Biology – this is probably more of what you had in mind when you saw “bio hacking” the advent of postmodern civilization (yikes!) has allowed biology research and experimentation to be carried out by individuals and small organizations.

There is a biotechnological social movement emerging in 2018. Something seen little or not at all in years past.

Ordering custom foods?

When is the last time you could order scheduled organic custom meal plans right to your door?

Depending on what a person wants to do they can order custom foods online.

Want to go super low carb and high fat? You can order low/no carb high fat meals to your home rather than purchasing and preparing detailed recipes.

Vegan and Vegetarians can also order exactly what fits their needs. Sometimes putting together, a custom grocery list is challenging.

Custom ordering detailed diet foods is not something that could be done with the ease, speed, and specificity that we see in 2018.

I could be mistaken but depending on where you live you may be able to have a drone drop a batch of kale greens mix in your backyard (not a bad development.)

6. Psychology of Eating

There has never been as much information pertaining to mind hacks regarding eating.

For example, taking pictures of what you eat. Using apps to track your food and calorie intake.

Relationships on social media that allow groups to track progress corporately. This is very powerful as it draws power from group and tribe like social structures.

The accountability is really the secret sauce I want to point out.

One of the best ways to lose weight is…sit ups? Running long distances? Sauna?

What if I told you that making a grocery list on a certain day of the week would aid weight loss more than the above exercises.

We now see many successful weight loss regiments centering around making life style changes. Specifically instituting a new habit. Make a grocery list, prepare meals on a certain day.

If someone does this once a week for 30 days, they have replaced a habit (game changer).

The laborious battle with eating right is won without firing a shot. It simply happens as a side effect and bi product of new habit.

Teaching people about visualizing what the – fit them – looks like. Picturing a certain body shape. Remember, the things you see in the room you’re in…they were a thought in someone’s mind before they were anything.

Self-hypnosis got a bad rap when it first became popularized. Dorothea Brande in her book Wake Up and Live illustrates how – under the power of hypnosis stutterers could deliver a perfect oration.

Other fascinating examples were given. The point was that our biggest limitations often come from within us. The sub conscious mind (just doing its job) tries to protect us from experiences that caused past failure, rejection and pain.

Know of any other mind tricks used for better eating? Comment below.


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