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100 Benefits of Fish Oil – You May Not Know

100 Fish Oil Facts

What is Fish Oil?

Simply oil derived from the tissue of certain cold-water ocean fish. Fish Oil Benefits are real.

Fish oil contains essential fatty acids that the body cannot make on its own. Thus we need to ingest them by eating fish or supplementing with fish oil. Sound fishy?

Let’s demystify a few things we have been hearing about.

Omega-3 fatty acids (I’ll spare you scientific words that I can’t pronounce)… are polyunsaturated fats.

The main 3 Omega 3’s are

ALA a-linolenic acid (found in plant oils)

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) EPA and DHA are found in fish oils.

Krill Oil

100 Benefits of Fish Oil From A-Z

Acne – Ben Bazor from acne greatly expands on this topic in his post

ADHD – For a rather masterful presentation of facts surrounding this see Stephen Faraone,

Alzheimer’s disease – For more on this read the article by Anna Tan, RN –

Anti-Inflammatory – Want more? ask Dr. Libby – (New Zealand’s favourite wellbeing expert)

Anxiety – Amanda Rose, Ph.D., has a wealth of high quality information on her website. There are numerous case studies cited in her article

Assist in activating fat burning genes – Source –

Assist in decreasing your body’s insulin response to food – Source – University of Minnesota

Assist in muscle protein synthesis – Tara Goodyear cites study done by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquala in the following articfle on nutrition/want-to-get-strong-and-lean-take-fish-oil

Assist in the treatment of psoriasis and dry skin – More on this and VERY well written articles – see Loren at

Asthma – J.D. Moyer highlights fish oil as it relates to inflamation (personal experience) in his post

Atherosclerosis – Need more info? Go see Suzy! (Suzy Cohen, RPh) – *creative informative article

Autoimmune disease – Source –

Benefits children’s health – Further reading –

Benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding women – Maryann Jacobsen, MS, RD – has an excellent article (and website!) complete with multiple graphs and statistics >

Bipolar disorder – Dr. Hyla Cass cites and commends on a very interesting study involving 30 patients that showed positive signs from Omega 3 fatty acids;

Blood Circulation – Interesting article and blog –

Bone health support

Boost brain power and memory – For more on this see –

Boosting mental effects and combating mental illnesses – Be sure to read Sharon Looijen’s article >

Boosts Vitamin B’s anti-aging brain benefits

Cancer – A bit of counter perspective but also support for Omega Three’s here

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Cheaper than eating fish (but not as good)

Childhood problems like ADHD

Combats negative effects of intensive training on the immune system

Crohn’s disease – Kelly Brown, B.Sc., N.D; writes an expanded account of some of the treatment concepts and issues surrounding Crohn’s disease

Decrease blood pressure

Decrease inflammation – Cassandra Willyard has a cool article on this –

Decrease the incidence of depression and anxiety

Decrease Triglyceride levels

Decrease whole body inflammation – this is a nice resource on Omega 3’s


Depression after Birth

Salmon Plate


Easier than eating large amounts of fish

Eye disorders

Fertility – See –

Fights negative long term effects of type 2 diabetes by reducing triglycerides.

Fish oil reduces exercise-induced muscle damage

Gastric upset

Hair growth

Healthy cholesterol support

Heart disease

Help with treating ADHD – Jennifer Wurst, MD – has one of those truly helpful sites helping children and families (must read her stuff!)

Helps prevent degenerative disorders

Helps Protect the Elderly Brain

Helps to regulate digestion and increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals

Helps with dry eyes

High blood pressure

High Triglycerides


Immune compromised

Improve fat burning

Improves appearance of hair – Doggy hair! Dr. Nancy Kay has a unique post and site:

Improves cardio-respiratory

Improves cognitive function

Improves IQ

Infant eye-brain development


Irritable bowel syndrome

Itchy skin (eczema)

Joint pain relief

Lower blood pressure

Lower blood triglyceride levels – For somewhat of a counter perspective and expanded explanation see Ric Hawkins site

Macular degeneration

May ease menstrual pain

Metabolic syndrome

Mood support



Obesity/hunger control – For a number of other obesity tips see –

Omega-3 Combats the Inflammation Symptoms in Arthritis.

One of the best sources of Omega 3’s

Other brain disorders

Overall energy

Positively Related to Fighting Back the Risk of Cancer.

Potent source of EPA and DHA

Pregnancy and infant nutrition – For more on supplements and pregnancy take a peek at (this is always a touchy subject and as always a physician should be consulted)

Preserve lean muscle

Prevents brain shrinkage and cognitive decline

Protect yourself from air pollution

Quick muscle recovery after workout

Reduce joint stiffness – See expanded account on this see

Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis

Reduce the risk of dangerous abnormal heart rhythms.
Reduce the risk of heart attack.

Reduce the risk of stroke.

Reduce the signs of aging – Christiane Northrup, M.D has an interesting website as well as a number of other resources and books

Reduces irregular heartbeat

Reduces the side effects of medication

Reduces the stress response

Relatively inexpensive supplement

Relaxes the arteries – For more info visit

Rheumatoid arthritis


Sexual drive/libido – so you’re able to start enjoying physical intimacy with your partner again, as well as You will love streaming HD porn at hdpornvideo again too.

Skin glow and completion – I was impressed with Andrea Lewis’s article

Slows down age related vision disease

Strengthens nails

Strokes – See Edith at
Type II diabetes

Fish Oil Dosage?

If you are not eating fish during the week then it is recommended by respected health organizations that you take around 500 milligrams of combined EPA and DHA (found in fish oil). However I personally take more and I have seen others recommend a higher dose.

At the risk of sounding like a nag, it is always recommended that you check with a medical professional (there may be interactions with medications – such as blood thinners).

If you read the back of a fish oil bottle it will quickly show how much EPA and DHA are contained per serving. Here is a photo of a nice potent supplement (triple strength fish oil)

Fish Oil Ingredients

Fish Oil During Pregnancy?

I definitely recommend fish oil during pregnancy (fire away critics!) The risk of mercury (which builds up over time) can be significantly mitigated by simply finding a reputable producer of fish oil.


Fish Oil Dangers?

Always consult a doctor with Krill or Fish Oil as they may interact with certain medications such as blood thinners.

A study by scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle linked eating a lot of oily fish or taking potent fish oil supplements to an increased risk for prostate cancer overall. This study (Journal of the National Cancer Institute.) was done years ago and my personal take-away is that any supplementation should be done in moderation to prevent associated risks.

Can I Give My Dog Fish Oil?

There are many benefits to giving your dog fish oil – such as a shiny coat, moist skin and decreased shedding.

However if large doses are given to a dog the anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory benefits of DHA and EPA may interfere with fido’s healing process and bleeding in the event of injury.

If you are looking for supplements to give to your older dog, you should take a look at Waggedy’s website and consider using a supplement made for senior dogs by them.

Fish Oil and Mercury?

As mentioned in regard to pregnancy – a high quality manufacturer of fish oil can eliminate a significant amount of mercury and other toxins. The information pertaining to mercury levels and such can be obtained from the manufacturer. Avoid fish oils with a fishy smell or taste.

Where Does Fish Oil Come From?

From fatty fish tissue. Such as trout, tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel, and sardines.

Sources of Fish Oil

Fish Oil vs. Krill Oil

More research is needed regarding Krill Oil. A study conducted by researchers from Sweden and Norway looked at 113 male and females. After 7 weeks of taking Krill and Fish oil the levels of DHA and EPA were the same – making a strong case for Krill Oil being as potent as Fish Oil in terms of DHA and EFA delivery.

Krill Oil also has an antioxidant known as phospholipids which may make it a powerful rival to fish oil.

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